php.ini file creation in server

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I am developing a php website.

I cant see php.ini file in my server. my host will not provide it.

So i'm now going to create a copy of that php.ini file.

so i have tried system()

i searched in google and i got this link.

Here they are using like this

system("cp /usr/local/php5/lib/php.ini /home/YOURUSERNAME/php.ini");

in my server when i looked the phpinfo my php.ini location is


and when i looked for the current directory of my server using this

$dir_path = str_replace( $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'], "", dirname(realpath(FILE)) ) . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR;

i got my current directory as


so my system command will now look lke this

system("/ms/svc/php5/conf/php.ini /netapp/whnas-swamp/s11/s11/01712/");

i have named this page as getthephpini.php

and when i b rowse this page i got a blank page but no new php.ini file created in my server.

Is any mistake in that code??? Can any one show me the correct way

Please help me


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