Oracle Coherence 3.5 : Create Internet-scale applications using Oracle's high-performance data grid

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Published on Wed, 19 May 2010 10:08:18 +0100 Indexed on 2010/05/19 10:21 UTC
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Oracle Coherence

Coherence provides replicated and distributed (partitioned) data management and caching services on top of a reliable, highly scalable peer-to-peer clustering protocol. Coherence has no single points of failure; it automatically and transparently fails over and redistributes its clustered data management services when a server becomes inoperative or is disconnected from the network. When a new server is added, or when a failed server is restarted, it automatically joins the cluster and Coherence fails back services to it, transparently redistributing the cluster load. Coherence includes network-level fault tolerance features and transparent soft re-start capability to enable servers to self-heal.

For the ones looking at an easy reading and first good approach to Oracle Coherence, I would recommend reading the following book :


Overview of Oracle Coherence 3.5

  • Build scalable web sites and Enterprise applications using a market-leading data grid product
  • Design and implement your domain objects to work most effectively with Coherence and apply Domain Driven Designs (DDD) to Coherence applications
  • Leverage Coherence events and continuous queries to provide real-time updates to client applications
  • Successfully integrate various persistence technologies, such as JDBC, Hibernate, or TopLink, with Coherence
  • Filled with numerous examples that provide best practice guidance, and a number of classes you can readily reuse within your own applications

This book is targeted to Architects and developers, and as in our team we're more about Solutions Architects than developers I found interest in this book as it help to understand better Oracle Coherence and its value.
The only point I may not agree with the authors is that Oracle Coherence is not an alternative to Oracle RAC in providing High Availability, but combining both Oracle RAC and Oracle Coherence will help Architects and Customers to reach higher level of service and high-availability.

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