Wireless networking on Gnome on Ubuntu 9 / 10

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So here's my problem: I have some netbooks (ASUS eee, and ACER Aspire Ones) that I've been tasked to set up as kiosk machines, locked up tight for normal users. I am a command-line, server man, so this gnome malarkey is all a bit new to me. I found a lovely 9.04 kiosk livecd that installs and runs exactly as I want it to, but I can't get the wireless working. So I dropped on a full 10.4 distro, and wireless works straight out of the box (so hardware is good) - all I needed to do was right-click on the network connection icon, enter my SSID and password (WPA/WPA2) and away it went, perfect. Further investigation on 10.4 distro shows that /etc/networking/interfaces is virtually empty (just

auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

in it), even after I have set up the wireless thru the gnome taskbar applet (is that the right word?). So where does gnome / ubuntu store the network settings to bring the blasted wireless connection up, and what do I need to do on the kiosk version to get wireless running?

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