Static IP settings on Windows 2003 server not getting saved

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Published on 2010-05-20T12:01:41Z Indexed on 2010/05/20 12:10 UTC
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We have a Dell PowerEgde 1950 server with Broadcom NetXtreme gigabit ethernet card, and we are facing a strange problem with static IP assignment. When we assign a static IP to this broadcom NIC, settings are not getting saved.

Following are the steps to reproduce problem

  • open TCP/IP properties window for broadcom NIC
  • manually enter static IP address and other details like gateway, DNS, etc.
  • apply and close properties dialog.
  • re-open TCP/IP properties windows, you will see your static IP settings lost and changed to "obtain IP address manually"
  • but when checked using ipconfig command, you will still see your same static IP settings
  • but, when checked using ipconfig command after rebooting server, these static ip settings are completely gone and automatically obtained IP is assigned

Supplementary information: Recently we had formatted this server and installed windows 2003 from OEM windows setup CD (not from OS installation CD received from Dell). After windows installation was over, broadcom NIC drivers were installed.

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