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what are the usage scenarios for these kinds of virtual hosting ?

Name Based - typical tomcat virtual hosting, one HOME instance with many contexts, each as an individual host

IP based / port based - multiple instances of tomcat ( how is it with performance and memory consuption?) running on IP aliases (virtual IPs) for one network adapter, usually behind http apache server that can run name based virtual hostings. Otherwise I can't figure out how would I forward requests in iptables/firewall based on IP address, which is just one. How is IP based virtual hosting done as to Tomcat and multiple instances ?

I'd like to hear some usage scenarios from your experience. How are you running your applications. Cause there are applications having it's own modified classloader and they are developed in a way to run alone withing a tomcat instance. Then there are trivial applications which can run within one instance without problems.

Many thanks

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