Problems debugging using Cygwin gdb in Eclipse CDT(Helios)

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I am trying to debug an application using Eclipse CDT and cygwin gdb and I am facing a problem if my code calls Sleep(), it looks like whenever a sleep is encountered in the code the debugger seems to go in an infinite loop(I meant it never terminates or hit a breakpoint after sleep).
On pressing pause the code is stuck on one of the thread on sigint::interrupt.
Even my debugger console windows throw these error in the console output:

[New thread 5968.0x1f98]
Error: dll starting at 0x774a0000 not found.
Error: dll starting at 0x775c0000 not found.
[New thread 5968.0x19e8]

Any idea what are these errors about?

It would be helpful if someone can help me out here as I am new to eclipse and I am used to using VS so it has made be lazy to be honest and expect things to work out of box.

Here are more details if required

  • Windows 7 x64 bit.
  • Eclipse 3.6 Helios with CDT plug-in compiled from the CVS head.
  • Cygwin latest from website, I think it is 1.71

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