Are you a good or bad programmer?

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Hi All,

I see a lot of questions on SO that are asked about 'good' programmers vs 'bad' programmers.

For example, what is a good/bad programmer, how to tell a good/bad programmer, what to do about a bad programmer on a team, how to hire a good programmer.

I know it's pretty easy to apply the words to other people, but I find myself wondering if anyone out there would actually define THEMSELVES in a Boolean fashion like this, rather than "good in some areas, weak in others..."

I'm not asking as an either/or where you have to be one or the other, but as a 'both' - are you a good or bad programmer?

If so (either one), why?

Please note this isn't meant to be argumentative, or to define good/bad practices, etc. I just want to know how many people think they are good, bad, or neither out there.

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