Database design - alternatives for Entity Attribute Value (EAV)

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My question: i want to design a database, that will be used for a production facility of different types of products where each product has its own (number of) parameters. because i want the serial numbers to be in one tabel for overview purposes i have a problem with these different paraeters .

One solution could be EAV, but it has its downsides, certainly because we have +- 5 products with every product +- 20.000 serial numbers (records). it looks a bit overkill to me...

I just don't know how one could design a database so that you have an attribute in a mastertable that says: 'hey, you could find details of this record in THAT detail-table". 'in a way that you qould easely query the results)

currenty i am using Visual Basic & Acces 2007. but i'm going to Visual Basic & MySQL.

thanks for your help.


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