iPhone: Application Install Fails With "Invalid Signer" Error

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The iPhone is attached to a Mac runnning the latest iTunes version and I am 100% sure that her UDID is in the provisioning file. Her iPhone has not been jailbroken and we even restored it to factory settings.

I am having trouble installing our development build on this one iPhone. The error is:

the application "[Application Name]" was not installed on the iPhone "iPhone" because the signer is not valid

I am 100% sure that the UDID is accurately entered in the provisioning file and that they correctly copied the right provision file/build combo. This same combo has been successfully installed on over a dozen iphones.

We have been able to install this on some devices with no problems.


From comments to an answer:

We can install it on 100 iphone with our account. We have about 40 iphones in this provisioning profile and it works on 38 of them.

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