PSTN Trunk TDM400P Install on Asterisk / Trixbox

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Hey All, I'm trying to get a TDM400P card with FXO module to connect to our PSTN line. The card is correctly detected by Linux:

[trixbox1.localdomain asterisk]# lspci 00:09.0 Communication controller: Tiger Jet Network Inc. Tiger3XX Modem/ISDN interface

And asterisk can see the channel:

> trixbox1*CLI> dahdi show channel 1
> Channel: 1LI>  File Descriptor: 14
> Span: 11*CLI>  Extension: I>  Dialing:
> noI>  Context: from-pstn Caller ID: I>
> Calling TON: 0 Caller ID name: 
> Mailbox: none  Destroy: 0LI>  InAlarm:
> 1LI>  Signalling Type: FXS Kewlstart
> Radio: 0*CLI>  Owner: <None>  Real:
> <None>>  Callwait: <None> Threeway:
> <None> Confno: -1LI>  Propagated
> Conference: -1 Real in conference: 0
> DSP: no1*CLI>  Busy Detection: no TDD:
> no1*CLI>  Relax DTMF: no
> Dialing/CallwaitCAS: 0/0 Default law:
> ulaw Fax Handled: no Pulse phone: no
> DND: no1*CLI>  Echo Cancellation:
> trixbox1128 taps trixbox1(unless TDM
> bridged) currently OFF Actual
> Confinfo: Num/0, Mode/0x0000 Actual
> Confmute: No
> Hookstate (FXS only): Onhook

I have configured a "ZAP Trunk (DAHDI compatibility Mode)" with the ZAP identifier 1 and an outbound route, but when ever I try to make an external call via it I get the "All Circuits are busy now, please try your call again later message".

The FXO module is directly connected to our phone line from BT via a BT->RJ11 cable.

I'm guessing I've missed a configuration step somewhere but no idea where, any help greatly appreciated.

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