Using a PreparedStatement to persist an array of Java Enums to an array of Postgres Enums

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I have a Java Enum:

public enum Equipment { Hood, Blinkers, ToungTie, CheekPieces, Visor, EyeShield, None;}

and a corresponding Postgres enum:

CREATE TYPE equipment AS ENUM ('Hood', 'Blinkers', 'ToungTie', 'CheekPieces', 'Visor', 'EyeShield', 'None');

Within my database I have a table which has a column containing an array of "equipment" items:

    id bigint NOT NULL DEFAULT nextval('seq'::regclass),
    "date" character(10) NOT NULL,
    equipment equipment[]

And finally when I am running my application I have an array of the "Equipment" enums which I want to persist to the database using a Prepared Statement, and for the life of me I can't figure out how to do it.

StringBuffer sb =  new StringBuffer("insert into \"Entry\" ");
sb.append("( \"date\", \"equipment \" )");
sb.append(" values ( ?, ? )");
PreparedStatement ps = db.prepareStatement(sb.toString());


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