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First of all, an apology to you all for my not posting this yesterday, when I should have. For those of you bloggers out there, you know the difference between "Save" and "Preview." But I temporarily forgot it. Nevertheless, while I'm not impressed with this mishap, I'm blown away by the initiative three of my colleagues have taken.

Jeff Saenger, Tim Koehler, and Louis Peters, recently wrote a book, "Oracle CRM On Demand Deployment Guide." Not only that, they got this book PUBLISHED. These guys know their stuff. They have worked in the CRM industry for many years. And trust me, they command a lot of respect inside this organization. In the words of Louis Peters (who posted this verbiage yesterday on LinkedIn), "We've assembled all the best practices and lessons learned over the past six years working with CRM On Demand. The book covers a range of topics - working with SaaS-based applications, planning and executing a successful rollout, designing elegant and high-performing applications, and working effectively with Oracle. We even included several sample designs based on successful real-world deployments. Our main target audience is the CRM On Demand project team - sponsors, project managers, administrators, developers - really anyone planning, implementing or maintaining the application."

Now these guys don't know it, but I'll be interviewing one of them and including audio excerpts of that conversation right here next Wednesday. In the meantime, if you want to learn more about successful CRM deployments in general, and working with Oracle CRM On Demand in particular, you should check out this book.

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