Mercurial: two separate repos somewhat related (yes I'm getting confused)

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I have a local repository, let's call it ONE. ONE is the actual program. It's an android program, in case it matters for some reason.

I have a remote repository, let's call it EXT. EXT is somewhat a library, used by ONE.

ONE has a complex directory structure, mandated by android. The main sources are in src/bla/bla/ONE. Since ONE uses EXT, to do it I had to create another directory next to that one, that is src/bla/bla/EXT.

I think would like to keep them separated in two repositories, but I need for them to actually be in this same directory structure to compile ONE.

At the moment I just created a symlink to do it, but I wonder if there is a better way of doing that, that uses some hg feature.

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