NHibernate HQL logic problem

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I'm trying to write an NHibernate HQL query that makes use of parenthesis in the where clause. However, the HQL parser seems to be ignoring my parenthesis, thus changing the meaning of my statement. Can anyone shed any light on the matter?

The following HQL query:

from WebUser u left join fetch u.WebUserProfile left join fetch 
u.CommunicationPreferences where (u.CommunicationPreferences.Email = 0 and
u.SyncDate is not null) or u.DateDeleted is not null

translates to:

from   WebUser webuser0_
left outer join WebUserProfile webuserpro1_
on webuser0_.UserId = webuserpro1_.WebUserId
left outer join WebUserCommunicationPreferences communicat2_
on webuser0_.UserId = communicat2_.UserId
where  communicat2_.Email = 0
and (webuser0_.SyncDate is not null)
or webuser0_.DateDeleted is not null



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