Problems using dual resolver

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I ma using dual resolver and having a problem.

Following is what i get when i run through ant in debug and verbose mode([[email protected]/[email protected]])

[ivy:retrieve] resolved ivy file produced in c:\temp\ivy\[email protected] [ivy:retrieve] :: downloading artifacts :: [ivy:retrieve] [NOT REQUIRED] config#ego;4.3.1!ego.conf [ivy:retrieve] trying [[email protected]/[email protected]] [ivy:retrieve] tried [[email protected]/[email protected]] [ivy:retrieve] HTTP response status: 404 url=[[email protected]/[email protected]] [ivy:retrieve] CLIENT ERROR: Not Found url=[[email protected]/[email protected]] [ivy:retrieve] ibiblio: resource not reachable for axis2#axis2;[email protected]: res=[[email protected]/[email protected]] [ivy:retrieve] WARN: [NOT FOUND ] axis2#axis2;[email protected]!axis2.jar (235ms) [ivy:retrieve] WARN: ==== commons-lang: tried [ivy:retrieve] WARN: ==== ibiblio: tried [ivy:retrieve] WARN: [[email protected]/[email protected]] [ivy:retrieve] [NOT REQUIRED] axis#axis-saaj;1.4!axis-saaj.jar [ivy:retrieve] [NOT REQUIRED] axis#axis-wsdl4j;1.5.1!axis-wsdl4j.jar

Can you please tell me what is wrong with my ivysetting file or wrong with ivy file?

Following is excerpt from ivysettings.xml

<dual name="dual4">
<filesystem name="commons-lang">
<ivy pattern="${localRepositoryLocation}/[module]/ivy/ivy.xml"/>
<ibiblio name="ibiblio" m2compatible="true" usepoms="false" /> </dual>

The problem (may be) is for each and every dependancy that i defined i have seperate ivy.xml. and just one reolver as above? like just for an exampe, for axis2.jar i have two dependancies in another ivy.xml, the dependencies are axis-saaj and axis-wsdl4j.

Please help

Thanks, Almas

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