ColdFusion 9 64bit / MAMP Pro 1.9 64Bit on OSX

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Published on 2010-06-01T16:52:34Z Indexed on 2010/06/01 16:54 UTC
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I followed this thread and it's associated links. But there is nothing i can do to get CF9 to work. MAMP Pro now has the 64bit version of apache 2.2. Whenever i start apache i get an error saying it couldn't start and to check the logs. i check the logs and this is what i see.

6/1/10 12:39:12 PM  [0x0-0x8d78d7].de.appsolute.mamppro[52702]  Cannot load /Applications/ColdFusion9/runtime/lib/wsconfig/1/ into server: cannot create object file image or add library

I've tried copying the file form the installer, wsconfig.jar and from another developer running standalone apache. all fail.

any ideas????

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