How to check DVD integrity at max read speed of DVD writer

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I need to check the integrity of burned DVDs so that I can be sure about my backed-up data.

I use DL-DVDs to take the backup. Earlier I used VSO Inspector software for the same but the day I switched to DL-DVDs the VSO Inspector gives me errors upon checking. I think the errors are because the switching of layer writing involves some dummy data somewhere. Secondly, it's damned slow for checking. I believe if there is a utility that can read all files (not the disk surface) and report if some files are unreadable would do the job. But it should be quick! Nobody wants to sit for disk checking for 3-4 hours after a quick 30 min data burn!

I am looking for such a utility on Windows or Linux. Even scripts (python, etc) will do. I just want to be assured that the data is safe.

Can someone help me in this?


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