how to automate upsizing from Access to SQL Server?

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Published on 2010-06-07T12:20:56Z Indexed on 2010/06/07 12:22 UTC
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Hi, I need to automate the migration from an Access (2003) to an SQL Server DB (2005 or 2008). The upsizing should be done automatically as part of a build process.

I need that because there are 2 versions of the software, a single user rich client and a web version. Access DB is used for single user to minimize setup effort, SQL Server to improve performance and scaling with many simultanious users. Access should be the "leading" DB, meaning devs do changes in Access DB and those are propagated to the SQL server within the build process. Many changes will occur, so doing it manually is not an option.

I am new to the Microsoft world, so I dont know appropriate tools for that. What tools can I use and how? I know how to do it (by clicking) with the upsizing assistant. Perhaps I can automate that somehow?

Thanks in advance for your answers. Cheers, Arne

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