Kill explorer.exe with windows title

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I'm new with programing and my question is now, how i can close some specific explorer.exe windows. My Problem is, i have a program that call some windows:

Option Explicit

Dim shell, expl1, expl2, expl3, Terminate

Dim uprgExplorer

  set shell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
  set expl1 = shell.exec("C:\WINDOWS\explorer.exe c:\Documents and Settings")
  set expl2 = shell.exec("C:\WINDOWS\explorer.exe C:\WINDOWS\system32\CCM\Cache")
  set expl3 = shell.exec("C:\WINDOWS\explorer.exe c:\SCRIPTS\LOG")

Now i will kill only this 3 windows NOT the explorer.exe.

Can some one help me?



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