Home networking problem between power line communication and Ethernet

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My network runs through the electrical wiring of the house and is organised as such:

  • Groundfloor:

    • an ADSL+network switch, using DHCP (address :
    • (Mac) PCs connected via an electrical adapter (model: D-Link DHP-200) (1 per PC)

  • First Floor:

    • 1 switch (8 ports) connected via an electrical adapter (model: D-Link DHP-200) (address unknown)
    • 2 Mac PCs connected (via RJ45 network wires) to that router using DHCP

The Problem

On the first floor, file tranfers between PCs are fast and perfect. But if I try to transfer files from or to a computer on the ground floor, the speed is slow and eventually the transfer dies out.

The Question

So I suspect the 1st floor switch is creating some kind of barrier (firewall?) preventing external PCs from accessing the PCs it is connected to?

Am I right and if so, how could I disable that barrier?

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