Vim: Use different ~/.vim/plugin/ directories for different versions of vim?

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Like many of you, my custom Vim configuration is stored in my ~/.vimrc, with the plugins, colors, etc. stored under ~/.vim/plugins, ~/.vim/colors, etc.

I want to share a single Vim configuration among many servers. Some of these servers run Vim 7, some run the older Vim 6. Most Vim plugins are intended for Vim 7, but older versions still exist for those of us on older systems. See DirDiff for an example.

If I am on a system which runs Vim 6, how can I configure Vim to only use Vim 6-compatible plugins?

I was thinking about storing older plugins in a subdirectory like ~/.vim/plugins6/ and keep the Vim plugins in ~/.vim/plugins, but then how can I tell Vim6 to ignore ~/.vim/plugins and use ~/.vim/plugins6 instead?

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