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We've just been informed by our software vendor that the custom document management system they'd written is no longer in development, and will not be supported in the future. So we are looking at new document management systems. Requirements:

  1. Multiple input vectors, we receive documents via e-mail, fax, scanning, and from the originating application
  2. Ability to Redact or obscure data. Customers may fax an order with CC data, we want to attach the image of the order form with the order record, but the CC data needs to be protected. Same with Tax IDs. Certain users should be able to see the redacted data, but access should be logged.
  3. Version control on documents. We'd like Product Development and Marketing to be able to track various versions of documents like Packaging Designs, but ensure that users have the latest approved version.
  4. AD integration, my users don't need another password.
  5. Ability to integrate to other apps. Our current system, offers function keys in the order-entry system, that will spawn the viewer application, and open the correct document.
  6. Mass import facility, we have a half a terabyte of existing documents in the old system that we would like to import.
  7. Retention Policy. I'd like a way to have the system comply with the corporate retention policy, so that when a document of a certain type reaches a certain age, it gets deleted, or atleast marked for manual deletion.

We are a Windows Server and HP-UX shop.

Does anybody have any experience with Document Management systems that they would like to share?


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