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Hello people,

I am diving into the world of unit testing. And i am sort of lost. I learned today that unit testing is testing if a function works.

I wanted to test the following function:

public function getEventById($id)
    return $this->getResource('Event')->getEventById($id);

So i wanted to test this function as follows:

public function test_Event_Get_Event_By_Id_Returns_Event_Item()
    $p = $this->_model->getEventById(42);
    $this->assertEquals(42, EventManager_Resource_Event_Item_Interface);
    $this->assertType('EventManager_Resource_Event_Item_Interface', $p);

But then I got the error:

1) EventTest::test_Event_Get_Event_By_Id_Returns_Event_Item
Zend_Db_Table_Exception: No adapter found for EventManager_Resource_Event


But then someone told me that i am currently unit testing and not doing an integration test. So i figured that i have to test the function getEventById on a different way. But I don't understand how. What this function does it just cals a resource and returns the event by id.

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