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IF I have an AT&T U-Verse DVR, is there a way to copy the information off the DVR to an PC for Archiving/burning to a DVD? I know that I could connect the A/V outs on the DVR to the A/V inputs on a DVD Recorder, or to a capture card on a PC, and Play the show, and record in real-time on the DVD or PC, but if the show is say a World Cup Game, this would take 2-3 hours per.
My thought is that the DVR is just a HardDrive, and the files have to be stored in an digital format, it should be possible to do a copy of some sort.
I'm currently recording all of the WC games, but if I don't watch them right away, I'm concerned that I will push other programming that the rest of the family has recorded out, making me unpopular at home.

Note, I'm talking about archiving for personal use, not redistribution or anything.

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