Introducing SSIS Reporting Pack for SQL Server code-named Denali

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Published on Wed, 08 Dec 2010 23:25:00 GMT Indexed on 2010/12/09 22:17 UTC
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In recent blog posts I have introduced the new SSIS Catalog that is forthcoming in SQL Server Code-named Denali:

The SSIS Catalog is responsible for executing SSIS packages and also for capturing the metadata from those executions. However, at the time of writing there is no mechanism provided to view analyse and drill into that metadata and that is the reason that I am, in this blog post, introducing a suite of SSIS Catalog reports called the SSIS Reporting Pack which you can download from my SkyDrive at

In this first release the SSIS Reporting Pack includes five reports:

  • Catalog – A high-level summary of all activity in the Catalog
  • Folders – A summary of activity in each Catalog Folder
  • Folder – Project-level activity per single Folder
  • Executions – A visualisation of all executions per Folder/Project/Package/Environment or subset thereof
  • Execution – Information about an individual execution

Here is a screenshot of the Executions report:


Notice that the SSIS Reporting Pack provides a visual overview of all executions in the Catalog. Each execution is represented as a bar on the bar chart, the success or otherwise of each execution is indicated by the colour of the bar and the execution time is indicated by the bar height.

I have recorded a video that gives an overview of the SSIS Reporting which I have embedded below. If you are having any trouble viewing the video go see it at

I must stress that this is a very early version of the SSIS Reporting Pack and I am expecting it to change a lot over the coming year. I am very keen to get some feedback about this, specifically:

  • let me know if anything does not work as you expect
  • give me your feature requests

The easiest way to get hold of of me for now is within the comments section of this blog post.

That’s all for now. I hope the SSIS Reporting Pack proves useful and I look forward to hearing your feedback. Lastly, that download link again:


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