Hiring *good* Mobile Developers in/to Korea - overseas hiring question

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Hello everyone.

My question is regarding the best way to find a good mobile developer in Korea, or in another country to bring to Korea. Our company is growing fast and we need some quality mobile developers to start getting our system onto mobile. The problem is, however, that in Korea, their are very few mobile developers (currently) and their pay is extremely expensive.

We have looked into India and other SE Asian countries and have concluded that bringing in a developer from another country may be the best choice.

However, I am worried about how to find developers that are motivated by passion/creativity instead of getting a paycheck, and am also worried about what country may provide the higher quality worker.

To clarify, we would bring in these workers from their country to Korea, and help them get settled here and working in our office.

Has anyone had any experience doing this sort of thing in America/Korea/another country?

Thank you very much for your replies.

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