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Hello all,

Can anyone see anything that is wrong with this code it just isn't working...

I am tring to:

get the value of #product-variants-option-0

search #preload for the relevant image and

then change div.image img src to that image

jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
   $('#product-variants-option-0').change(function() {

     // What is the sku of the current variant selection.
     var select_value = $(this).find(':selected').val();

            if (select_value == "Kelly Green") {
             var keyword = "kly";

        var new_src = $('#preload img[src*=keyword]');

        $('div.image img').attr('src', new_src);


The selection:

<select class="single-option-selector-0" id="product-variants-option-0">
<option value="Kelly Green">Kelly Green</option>
<option value="Navy">Navy</option>
<option value="Olive">Olive</option>
<option value="Cocoa">Cocoa</option>

I'm trying to search an unordered list:

<ul id="preload" style="display:none;">
<li><img src="0z-kelly-green-medium.jpg"/></li>
<li><img src="0z-olive-medium.jpg"/></li>

The image I'm trying to replace is this:

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