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I have an existing program for a bank account, the user can create an account then withdraw or deposit money to the account. As a transaction is processed, labels are being used to show the current information such as (Beginning Balance, Transaction Fee, Withdrawal Amount, and Ending Balance).

Now, I need to be able to keep track of the transactions being processed in a SQL database. I know how to add a database to the project and then set it up to display all of the data from the table in a gridview. This is assuming that I manually entered data into the table; however, the table should be blank when the program starts and as I process transactions, then the data should be written to the table.

How do I bind my existing fields (labels) to a datatable and send the text to the table. The book that I have is all related to just displaying the data that is already in the table and I have been through a couple of tutorial online and they seem to be about the same subject. I haven't found anything on how to do what I am looking for.

Can someone help me out here. I don't mind references to other websites that might have the answer.

Thanks, Susan

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