Cannot bind OSX to AD

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I'm trying to get an mac mini running snow leopard server to join a windows domain here. The windows domain server is running Windows server 2008.

When I go to "Accounts" in my System Preferences, and lick on "Join", I get this error: "Unable to add server. Node name wasn't found. (2000)"

In my console messages I find this:

10-04-06 11:42:25 AM System Preferences1452 -[ODCAddServerSheetController handleOtherActionError: gotError: Error Code=2000 UserInfo=0x2004f2f80 "Custom call 82 to Active Directory failed.", Node name wasn't found.

I specified a FQDN for the domain server, so I am totally confused as to why it would list "domain =" in that error.

I've tried firing up the Directory Utility and trying to join a domain via the Active Directory option there. Again I fill in the FQDN, and the proper administrator/password acount info. Now I get a different error:

"Invalid Domain

An invalid Domain and Forest combination was specified. You should enter a fully qualified DNS name for the domain and forest (e.g.,"

If anyone has any pointers or suggestions this would be appreciated.

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