Linking Mapkit with Core Data, Search and user location. Converting annotations from a database in a tableview with search to display in a mapview?

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Xcode is quite new to me so explanations are appreciated.

I am looking to build an application that displays annotations in a mapview (zoomed in on current user location). I want the applications to come from some sort of database rather than manually inputting all the annotations (which is what I'm currently doing)

What would be my application type? tab based? window based? i want a tab for a tableview with a list of my annotations and a mapview tab that will show my database of annotations but with the map zoomed in on current location.

In a perfect world, it would be great if the user could add favourites from these annotations and keep them in a favourites tableview tab.

I'm desperate to work this out and create a fully functional app for a final uni project. i have a working application already but it's nothing like what i am trying to achieve, any help would be much appreciated!!!!


(if looked through countless tutorials and as of yet found nothing i can understand to achieve a project like this. Some would call me too ambitious, I just want to make a decent app)

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