Ubuntu on the Sony Vaio VPCY 21S1E

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Published on 2010-12-27T18:46:38Z Indexed on 2010/12/28 16:58 UTC
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My girlfriend got a new Subnotebook for Christmas (Sony Vayo VPCY21S1E), which comes with an "Intel HD graphics" vga adaptor.

When I try to boot the Ubuntu installer from USB, the screen goes blank after a short while, before I even see the Ubuntu logo. However, when I select "nomodeset" in the boot options, I can boot it to the CLI login prompt. When I start X, though, that only works in VESA mode (I've read Intel eventually got rid of Usermode Mode Setting and only offers KMS now, which I've disabled to get it to boot).

What can I do to enable a) higher resolution than 1024x768 in VESA b) hardware acceleration for compiz, video playback, etc?

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