Does it help to be core programmer of a product (product meant for social good ) for getting into Ph. D. in top university in USA say top 20?

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Hey i am working upon a product as core developer which will be launched in USA market in few months if successful. Can this factor improve my chance to get Ph.D. in good university(say top 20 in US). Normally good universities like CMU, standford, MIT, Cornell are more interested in student's profile like research work, under graduate school etc. I am not passed out from very good university its ranked in top 20 of India only. Neither did i do research work till now. But being one of founding member of company and developing product for same, i want to know if this factor can help and to what extent. For university with ranking lower than 20 what matters most is GRE General score and GPA but i guess top university must be appreciating a person's real efforts.

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