UIKit/UiKit.h missing, on a newer version

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Published on 2010-12-30T23:50:58Z Indexed on 2010/12/30 23:53 UTC
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Dear Everyone,

I've a application which has been written for 2.1. Now I'm running that app on xcode 3.2.5 and SDK 4.2.

Here's the problem, When I try to Build and Run, I get the following error:

UIKit.framework/UIKit.h: No such file or directory

In file included from users/.../classes/Radio.m

UIKit.framework/UIKit.h: no such file or directory in users/.../classes/Radio.h

I don't know why I'm facing that error, because the UIKit.framework is included in my projects "Frameworks" group. I've updated the OS target and other similar options, and application runs clearly without UIKit.

I would appreciate it if anyone could help me through.


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