wheel of fortune collision detection

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Hey, I have a wheel segmented into 8 pie pieces, and a picker that is pointing at the currently selected segment (think wheel of fortune). I want to highlight the currently selected segment, and so have started to use Chipmunk to construct the 8 segments, attached to a rotating body, and then the picker that is put in a position to collide with each of the segments. The trick is, how do you allow the picker to pass over top of the segments, while still getting the collision, but not actually colliding and slowing down the wheel?

I haven't started down this path yet, but thought this may solve the problem: removing the colliding segment and then putting it back after the picker has started colliding with another segment a bit away (like two segments away).

There may be a much simpler solution not even involving Chipmunk that I haven't thought of. Thanks,


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