Laptop GPU apparently blew up, motherboard doesn't even turn on its power LED. [But..]

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EDIT: (Was: Laptop automatic shutdown after 2 seconds)

If I take out the GPU, the motherboard LED turns on but then [if it attempts to power up and boot] it turns off after 2 seconds [fans turn on normally in that short period]. [Without the GPUs out there's not even an attempt to boot.]

It's an SLI motherboard for a toshiba (model X200-219). If I take out one of the GPUs (they are on top of each other) it surprisingly lets the motherboard turn on too (as it is if both are out) but it still turns off after 2-3 seconds, same behavior.

I wonder if it's the GPU that produces the 'turn off after being on' behavior and not something else.

[Has anyone seen this behavior with blown up GPUs or could it be something else?]

Previous question (before EDIT. Sorry, but someone thought it productive to lock the other one as duplicate):

I'm trying to insvestigate which component produces this behavior. Other indications show it may be the GPU but I wonder if anyone knows more.

It's a Toshiba Satellite X200

description: AC power shows the power being fed normally, when turned on the fan works and it appears to be starting up but after 2 seconds it shuts down with only the 'AC power connected" led on.


seconds are about up to 4,maybe not 2 exactly.

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