Regex - replace only last part of an expression

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I'm attempting to find the best methodology for finding a specific pattern and then replace the ending portion of the pattern. Here is a quick example (in C#):

//Find any year value starting with a bracket or underscore

string patternToFind = "[[_]2007";

Regex yearFind = new Regex(patternToFind);

//I want to change any of these values to x2008 where x is the bracket or underscore originally in the text. I was trying to use Regex.Replace(), but cannot figure out if it can be applied.

If all else fails, I can find Matches using the MatchCollection and then switch out the 2007 value with 2008; however, I'm hoping for something more elegant

MatchCollections matches = yearFind.Matches(" 2007 [2007 _2007");
foreach (Match match in matches){
  //use match to find and replace value

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