Hylafax: Encounter "No font metric information" when try to send a fax

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I am using Hylafax 6.0.5 on Fedora 13 x86_64. As there are no rpm package available for Fedora 13, I use the source tar ball to install hylafax myself. Everything seems fine during compile and install.

I try to send a fax with sendfax and encounter error:

# sendfax -n -d <fax-number> /etc/passwd
/usr/local/sbin/textfmt: No font metric information found for "Courier-Bold".
Usage: /usr/local/sbin/textfmt [-1] [-2] [-B] [-c] [-D] [-f fontname] [-F fontdir(s)] [-m N] [-o #] [-p #] [-r] [-U] [-Ml=#,r=#,t=#,b=#] [-V #] files... >out.ps
Default options: -f Courier -1 -p 11bp -o 0
Error converting document; command was "/usr/local/sbin/textfmt -B -f Courier-Bold      -Ml=0.4in -p 11 -s default >'/tmp//sndfaxp5GdJ9' <'/etc/passwd'"

It seems like there is problem with font problem. I have ghostscript-fonts installed too.

I can't find hyla.conf in path /etc/hylafax. There is no /etc/hylafax path in my file system. All configuration files seems located in /var/spool/hylafax/etc.

Please advice. Thank you.

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