LPR printing in Ubuntu

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I'm trying to set up printing to a networked LPR printer, but I can't seem to make it work. The connexion information that IT gives is:

Print Spooler: printing.domain.edu

Printer Name: PrinterName

Print port: 515

Bidirectional: Disabled

It's an HP LaserJet p4015x, and I'm using the "HP LaserJet p4015x, hpcups 3.10.6 (color, 2-sided printing)" driver, according to CUPS. I have tried installing via the CUPS admin interface as lpd://printing.domain.edu:515/PrinterName, lpd://printing.domain.edu/PrinterName, and http://printing.domain.edu:515/PrinterName, and none of these has worked (i.e. test pages show up as "stopped").

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