Should a c# dev switch to when the team language base is mixed?

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I recently joined a new development team where the language preferences are mixed on the .net platform.

Dev 1: Knows, does not know c#
Dev 2: Knows, does not know c#
Dev 3: Knows c# and, prefers c#
Dev 4: Knows c# and VB6( should be pretty easy to pick up), prefers c#

It seems to me that the thought leaders in the .net space are c# devs almost universally. I also thought that some 3rd party tools didn't support but when I started looking into it I didn't find any good examples.

I would prefer to get the whole team on c# but if there isn't any good reason to force the issue aside from preference then I don't think that is the right choice.

Are there any reasons I should lead folks away from

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