Vista laptop 1 connects to network but Vista laptop 2 doesn't

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(Sorry if this is a dulipcate. I did a hunt but couldn't find matching question)

We recently got a new router for our network (thomson TG585v8). It was already pre-configured by the ISP and was easy to setup. Both Vista laptops in this home network connected without trouble as well a iPod touch, all via wifi.

In the last two days one of the laptops has been unable to connect cleanly to the network (connects as unidentified network). The other laptop, and iPod have not had any issues. I can't think of anything that has changed to make this happen now.

  • I have rebooted the laptop and the router.
  • I have updated the laptop wireless driver
  • I have checked the laptop is set to automatically get IP
  • I have logged into the router which correctly identifies all three wireless devices.
  • The problem laptop connects via LAN without issue.

Some things that may or may not matter:

  • The problem laptop also sometimes uses a 3G dongle
  • Both laptops use Windows Live Mesh to sync folders
  • Laptop is usually set to go to sleep

NB: it seems this is an intermittent issue, after an hour (since i noticed it) it seems to have fixed itself. Would love ideas though to solve this problem for good.

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