NTFS partitions hidden under EXT4 file system / partion...want to recover files from NTFS

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Hi all, I am new to ubuntu, but very impressed with the system. so one day i tried installing ubuntu 10.10 along with windows in dual boot first place it didnt get installed properly and during second attempt i could do it right but oh...i lost my windows 7 ,

here is my problem and what i have done till now.

  1. i have hdd installed with ubuntu same disk have windows partitions and i need to extract data from those ...very very important
  2. i tried to access the same from ubuntu ...can not access it, 3.reinstalled the windows 7 , hdd is not detected 4.during installation ubuntu gone , so reintalled
  3. scan in ubuntu says hdd is fine and DiskInternals linux reader actual show the NTFS partitions , recovery tool not able to get any data out.

    , please help i need data from these partitions...please

I feel that i have put ext4 partition on ntfs filesystem...and now not able to access it

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