How to install Snow Leopard Server over Regular Snow Leopard

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Published on 2011-01-17T20:03:00Z Indexed on 2011/01/17 20:55 UTC
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I'm in the ADC so I have legitimate access to a free copy of Snow Leopard Server and licence key which I need to use to test my Push Notifications. I downloaded the software, and when I opened the .dmg I saw "Click to install Snow Leopard Server" which I did, and then it prompted me to restart the computer to begin installation.

When the computer restarted, however, it just booted into my regular OS X partition. I kept trying to no avail. Obviously I'm missing something stupid here but I'm not a server admin so I don't know what to do :) The dmg is almost 6GB so I can't burn a DVD of it.

I really need your help! Thanks guys!

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