Ribbon Search: Locate MS Office Ribbon Menu Features/Functions Quickly

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In the new versions of Microsoft Office  everything has changed with the introduction of Ribbon menus. Even though Ribbon menus has many advantages that simplifies accessing features, at times it’s a daunting task to navigate the Ribbon menus and find a specific command.


Ribbon search is one of the interesting freeware tools to overcome these complaints from users, with this one can search Office ribbon for any feature or function easily. It supports both Office 2007 and  Office 2010(the versions which have ribbon).

Once Installation has completed, you can find a text box on top of the ribbon in all the office applications (Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel etc.). As you type few letters of the feature you are looking for, Ribbon Search instantly displays the path through which you can access the feature. Here is a screen grab search of Ribbon Search in action

When you start typing itself shows results instantly. And also it gives the path through which you can access feature you are searching for. If there are multiple ways to access the feature, it is also shown in the list.


Download Ribbon Search

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