WCF service hosted in IIS7 with administrator rights?

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How do I grant administrator rights to a running WCF service hosted in IIS7?

The problem is, my code works fine in a test console application runned as an administrator, but the same code used from WCF service in IIS7 fails. When I run the same console test application without admin rights, code fails.

So, how do I grant admin rights to a WCF service hosted in IIS7? Do I grant admin rights to IIS7 service? Can I grant rights to a specific WCF service? How do I do 'Run as an administrator' on IIS7 or specific website?


(That's the question, here is a more detailed description of a situation: I am trying to capture frames from a webcam into a jpg file using Touchless library, and I can do that from a console application with admin rights. When I run that same console app without admin rights I cannot access a webcam in code. Same thing happens in a WCF service with the same code.)

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