What's your experience with female programmers?

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Let me start by saying I'm female, but every single other female programmer I've known has been pretty terrible. The extent of their knowledge seems to be copy/paste and modify some values. Quite often they don't even try to learn new concepts, or understand what they're doing.

I'm not saying good female programmers aren't out there, just that the ratio of good/bad programmers seems much worse then males. Perhaps its because everyone feels they have to give female programmers a chance to prove they are not biased? Or is this just me?? What has your experiences been with them?

UPDATE: Just want to say thanks for all the responses. I've learned some interesting things and am happy to know that female programmers have such support :) My experience has been very limited with them but all bad, and I agree that it is probably due to my small sample size (around 5).

I wasn't trying to be sexist with such a question, I just wanted to find out if it was really that abnormal to be a female programmer. I'm abnormal about a lot of things you'd expect from a female... I play video games in most of my spare time, I liked Math so much I completed my entire math book during christmas break one year (What can I say, I found the subject interesting), I'm not very social, I dislike shopping, I only have 2 pairs of shoes, my significant other doesn't work but does all the housework/laundry/etc...

but anyways, thanks :)

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