Health problem of a programmer

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Hi all, I've been annoyed by this fingers ache for quite a long time, my fingers ache because of too much mouse clicking during office hour plus play games after work. I forget game for a while and my fingers are getting better, but still my right pointing finger would feel pressure when I click the mouse. I haven't go to a doctor because I afraid the fee would be high and he would just suggest me too get rest for the fingers, also, I don't know what kind of doctor should I go and see. My fingers get less pressure if I use my expensive deathadder ( what a shame, I bought this for gaming, but now I use it for rest ) at home because its buttons are softer, however I cannot have such expensive mouse at my office because I am afraid people would steal it. I use some trick when I am using the mouse such as single-click open a file, adding more shortcuts at desktop for common jobs, do you guys have some other tips for me? Thank you.

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