Sending Adobe PDF attachments from Adobe Reader (in Outlook 2003) takes too long

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I have a customer who is using Outlook 2003 (Microsoft Online Services) and Adobe reader 9+. When they send a PDF from Adobe reader to Outlook (via the Send as attachment to e-mail feature in Adobe), it freezes for 30 seconds to 5 minutes before the new e-mail pops up with the PDF attachment.

I'm pretty sure the issue is on the Outlook side of things, as I've tried Adobe reader 8 and Foxit Reader with the same results (Windows XP/7 doesn't seem to make a difference, either). I tried Outlook in safe mode on the first (Win7) machine I was working on, and the e-mail attachment worked a lot faster, but when I tried to replicate the results on another machine, one wouldn't go into safe mode, the other didn't seem to show a difference.

In an effort to fix the problem in Outlook normal mode, I tried disabling all add-ins, Com add-in (Office Communicator is the only one), reading pane, Word 2003 as e-mail editor... but none of these seemed to address the issue. Does anyone have any other ideas? I need to get this resolved as soon as possible, and it doesn't seem practical to make them run in safe mode. :P

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