SCCM 2007 managing hosts in non trusted forest

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I have an implementation of SCCM 2007 in forest "A" that manages hosts in that Windows 2008 forest. There is another forest/domain, "B", which I have no trust with that I need to manage hosts in as well. I don't need to push out clients from the SCCM console, I am going to install them manually. I just need the hosts in domain "B" to connect back to the forest/domain "A" for management purposes. To date, I have not added any AD objects to domain "B" for hosts to query for site, SLP or management point info.

I am installing the hosts with the command line:

ccmsetup.exe /mp:SCCM_Server /site:mysite

SCCM_Server = FQDN of my sccm server (which is resolvable by the client)

There are no ACL's between the two servers.

From the logs, I can see the install complete and the client tries to query the local AD for the site info for "mysite" but it can't find it and it stops and never connects.

Can anyone give me some direction as to how this should be setup?

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