Objective C and C++ for Game Development

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I'm trying to figure out which language I should begin learning. I've only been programming for about 6 months, with languages like PHP, Java, and C#. I want to learn how to dev games, and while I know in most cases the answer to this would be through C++ (at least, I would think), though I'm still curious about what Objective C can offer in the sense of long term benefit.

It seems like there's a chance that Objective-C may actually become more popular than C++ in a few years, and for all I know, it may become the de facto standard development language for games. Still, despite all of this, I really don't know anything, and this is all speculation.

Both languages seem very interesting, and obviously can pull a lot of out of themselves.

What do you think?

Note: despite what some might say, I really don't want to end up using prebuilt engines, and would rather just learn how to make my own. I'm well aware that it takes a lot more time, but I'm quite ok with that.

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