Apple iPhone 4S Launch In India On Nov 25

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Aircel, one of the leading wireless mobile services provider of India has just announced that iPhone 4S will be available to its customers on November 25. You can start pre-booking the phone from November 18 through Aircel website or walking into an Aircel showroom near you.

My multiple calls to Aircel customer care division were no use to get the details on the price information. Three times the call got disconnected before a customer care executive tried fetching the details on price and models. We hear from BGR India blog that iPhone 4S price is going start at Rs. 40,000 for a 16GB model and may go up to Rs. 50,000 for a 64 GB model.

Airtel, another leading mobile service provider in India, who sells iPhone in India is not sure when they are going to start offering iPhone 4S to its customer. I reached customer care regarding the iPhone 4S and they don’t have any details to offer at the moment.

It’s good to see Apple releasing iPhone 4S to India markets just after couple of months of International release. Apple was earlier criticized for releasing iPhone 2, iPhone 3G in India almost an year after the international launch while companies like Nokia release their flagship models just after weeks of international launch.

One of the most sought after feature of iPhone 4S is Siri and my friends in US told that it works amazingly good. Siri does not have any problem in understanding Indian English accent and it is very good at recognizing the Indian names in contacts list. But at the same time we do hear reports that Siri does not help much if it’s used outside USA. Considering that Siri is a software it should be possible for Apple to improve it to work better outside USA. But who know the priorities of Apple!

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